#coopyouth Replication Project Results

#Coopyouth replication projects

In February 2020, the ICA Youth Network launched the Replication Project to help both existing youth cooperatives and groups of young people who wish to create a youth cooperative. Nine projects were chosen to receive a maximum of EUR 10,000 each, mentorship, and training. 

3 years after, we are pleased to share with you the results of these projects: 

We would like to especially thank ICA Youth Network Executive Committee members and ICA regional office staff who closely followed and supported the projects:

•    Sébastien Chaillou
•    Ana Aguirre
•    Hilda Ojall
•    Angélica Soberanes
•    Tatiana Pardo
•    Alireza Banaeifar
•    AhsanAli Thakur
•    Koffi Kobenan Maurice
•    Geoffrey Asira
•    Shree Padmanahban
•    Lorenzo Navaro

Read the news we have drafted and the interviews with cooperative members here