How is the Youth Committee Structured?

Youth Network Executive Committee in Kigali

During the last years (2017-2020) a lot has been accomplished in the Youth Network both at the level of work and at the ICA structural level. One of those changes was the creation of the ICA Youth Committee as a formal Thematic Committee of the ICA. The ICA Youth Network will continue for all youth cooperators to support and coordinate the activities and communications of the ICA Youth Committee. Learn more about the structures from the Rules of the ICA Youth Committee which can be referenced here.

The ICA is organised with a global office, four regional offices (Europe, Africa, Americas, and Asia-Pacific), eight sectoral organisations (Banking, Agriculture, Fisheries, Insurance, Health, Housing, Consumer Cooperatives, and Worker Cooperatives) and various thematic committees.

Its role is to:

Organise the youth movement, taking into account how complex it is, and how its interests set it apart from the rest of the movement
Promote education and cooperative principles among young people
Encourage the participation and development of youth from all around the world
Undertake actions to build more just and equitable societies. 

The ICA Youth Network is structured as follows

  • Executive Committee:
The President of the ICA Youth Network is elected in the General Assembly of the International Cooperative Alliance by voting members.
The 4 Chairpersons of each region are ratified to be the Vice Presidents of the Executive Committee.
The 4 members-at-large, one from each region, elected by the voting members.
Advisors as necessary.
  • Liaison Officer assigned from the ICA to provide support to the youth network.
  • Voting Members.
  • Adherents.

Regional Youth Committees and Networks

There are four Regional Youth Committees and Networks. Below are the contact details and links that will allow you to contact and participate in your regional network:

Each region has its priorities and responds to youth needs and particularities. It is our aim to articulate goals, coordinate actions and collaborate with each other as much as possible.