Election of ICA’s Youth Executive Committee

30 Sep 2022

This Wednesday, 28 September, the ICA Youth Committee (ICA YC) held its’ Annual Plenary Meeting online with 50 participants from 22 countries. There were two main goals to this meeting, an election for the members at large to the ICA YC Executive Committee and a presentation and input session for the 4-year Youth Workplan.

Among the 9 that form the ICA YC Executive committee, 4 are members at large, one from each region. The members at large are elected by all the members of the Youth Committee, unlike the Region VPs who are elected in their region. Nine people were willing and brave enough to run for the position to serve the Youth Committee and represent their regions: 2 from Americas, 4 from Africa, 1 from Asia-Pacific and 2 from Europe.

In order to be as inclusive and accessible as possible, the election took place online using and electronic voting system. The system was open for 24 hours, giving all members spread around the globe a chance to cast their votes at a reasonable local time.

The results could not be shared right away because, learning from the past, the Rules of the new ICA YC include a weightage-based methodology to ensure balance among the regions when electing their member at large. Reference Article 8.6 of the ICA YC Rules to learn how the calculation is done. Here are the final results (displayed as a percentage):

Results from Africa

Adeyemi Emmanuel BADEJO

Mabruck Ismail MPANGULE

Nareetsile ORAPELENG

Vhuhwavho NEMADANE





Mabruck Ismail MPANGULE from Tanzania won the Africa position. Learn more about him here.

Results from Americas

Jason Rivest

Tatiana Pardo



Tatiana Pardo from Colombia won the Americas position. Learn more about her here.

Results from Asia-Pacific

There was only one candidate from Asia-Pacific because the other candidate withdrew. Cecile Jay MASANEGRA won the Asia-Pacific position. Learn more about him here.

Results from Europe





Eda KAYADIBINLIOGLU from Turkey won the Europe position. Learn more about her here.

Message from the President

Gatherings like this, in General Assemblies and general meetings are what we call “celebrations of the cooperative model”. It is at times like this when we really fulfil our duties and rights as members of a cooperative structure. Participation and democracy are like muscles, unless they are exercised, they become weaker.

It is with great joy that we accompany the process of preparing for this election. I am proud that 9 members of the Youth Committee were willing to actively become part of the Executive Committee.

For the 4 members that won the election, congratulations and welcome. As I also said when I was elected only a couple of months ago, this is just the beginning. To those who were not elected, please do not feel defeated, feel equally welcome. The Youth Committee is in a phase of growing and strengthening, and all hands, heads and hearts are needed for this mission.

I hope to see all of you, all members, taking an active position and feeling aligned with the workplan we shared during the meeting. This is a guide, a map that I hope may serve us as an orientation in the coming years.

We hope to see you all soon!

Ana Aguirre