Survey Findings

The ICA Youth network surveys asked questions to help us better understand youth coops and initiatives that support youth in the coop movement. Below are some highlights from our research findings. The full analysis will be published in the #coopYouth Network Publication of Best Practices in early 2021.

Approximately half of the respondents said that youth in their country are not aware of cooperatives. In countries where there is a higher awareness of coops among youth, respondents primarily credit government job creation schemes, promotional events and celebrations, and educational initiatives by coops and supportive institutions for raising youth awareness.

Youth Coops

There were 69 respondents from 55 youth coops across 27 countries. 

Percentage of youth coops by economic activity

Percentage of youth coops by economic activity
Youth coops by typology

Youth coops by typology
Some interesting findings:

  • 78% of the youth coops employ 0-20 staff
  • About half confine their activities to the city of their headquarters
  • 69% have a youth leadership program
  • 47% are members of their national coop trade association
  • 64% say they are financially autonomous
  • Youth coops are looking to international youth groups to help them with information sharing/training/mentoring; access to international markets and financial institutions; funding; connections to NGOs that support youth initiatives; and advocacy. There is also some desire for administrative (e.g. sales systems and software) and evaluation support.
  • Respondents are calling for greater cooperation amongst cooperatives. This mandate includes cooperation between youth coops, as well as with other coops.

The youth coops that responded can be found on the map here.

Support Initiatives

109 respondents from 107 support organizations across 51 countries. 

Types of support organisations we heard from: 

Types of support organisations we heard from
Types of support they offer:

Types of support for youth
Some inspiring support projects can be found here.