Replication Project: Red Root from the Philippines

Red Root Team

Pioneering Virtual Events Platform – a cooperative-driven, youth-led, platform to consolidate various youth partners, stakeholders, and event industry suppliers to cater to the need for events both Virtual (Phase 1) and Physical (Phase 2). This platform is envisioned to become the go-to platform for physical and virtual event bookings for organizers/managers, talents, technology and logistics provider, catering service and more! 

An innovative way to navigate the new normal in a safer, and convenient virtual environment. This initiative from the founders of Red Root Artists Cooperative will feature several phases - Phase 1 of our Virtual Events Platform which will make Virtual Events more lively and interactive. This platform features a fully-customizable, interactive, and responsive Customized Virtual Events Website which simulates physical events space from the booth layouts to the centerpiece stage. What sets our platform apart are the integration of fully interactive, web-based, 3D Virtual Booths with embedded elements (videos, website link, and online forms among others).

Using a mixture of open source and proprietary service support technologies, Phase 1 of our Virtual Events Platform can cater to various event types ranging from simple webinars, awarding ceremonies, product expos, and eventually massive events similar to university fairs and bazaars with multiple kiosks/booth locators as well as performers, active sponsors, and event partners.Phase 2 brings with it a centralized event procurement and booking system to match clients with the best teams on any given region across the Philippines and possibly even beyond! 

Our cooperative sees technology as a way to differentiate and to level the playing field. This pandemic has brought about great challenges and opportunities that must not be missed by the sector.

This platform will transition from a project prototype to a registered cooperative entity represented and operated by its youth members with the primary business of running the platform as a consolidator as well as the primary technology provider for the virtual event support system. 

Watch this video to learn about what becoming a coop means to them:

Additional Support Needed

Training on financial management, fundraising, networking, human resources, youth engagement (under 20), and supply-chain management applications.