Principle 6 in Action

Principle 6 in Action

La Federación Argentina de Cooperativas de Trabajo de Tecnología, Innovación y Conocimiento (FACTTIC) is a federation for workers' cooperatives in Argentina. They have a youth section "Espacio de Juventud". This youth section will provide technical and development support to AfriCo Online from South Africa.

AfriCo online would like to develop an online marketplace to promote fair and local products. 

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting "Principle 6 in Action" project!

Additional support needed

See the links above for the additional support that AfriCo Online needs to develop.

The Espacio de Juventud from FACTTIC originally applied for funds to create, a website that will allow interested parties to add their Cooperative Platform project so that we can accompany and monitor the assembly of the cooperative: from the collective organization of work to the implementation of resources software necessary to function as a Platform Cooperative and achieve the project sustainability. This site will contain materials to facilitate the first steps of the process and will host a space for exchange and debate to create a community related to this topic. The incubation of projects will have hours of consultants specialized in the commercial and legal aspects in the first months of Platform projects Cooperatives. In addition, communication pieces will be developed to show the possibilities of this model and encourage its creation in local communities. Our goal is to have a organized community that follows the processes informally as well as consultancies dedicated that will support the projects. They need EUR 10,000 to develop the website and pay for the consultants.