ICA YC Members meet during the Annual Plenary Meeting

04 Dec 2023
APM presentation

The ICA Youth Committee held its Annual Plenary Meeting on 4 December 2023 online. Over thirty (30) members from the four (4) regions participated.  

Ms. Ana Aguirre, President of the ICA Youth Committee, presided over the meeting and discussed the 2023 accomplishments and the 2024 Work Plan of the Youth Committee.

Regional reports from Africa, Americas, Asia and Pacific, and Europe were also presented by their respective representatives. Mr. Erick Obongo presented the updates from Africa, Mr. Marcelo Portillo for the Americas, Atty. Dulce Bustamante for Asia and Pacific, and Ms. Marcelina Zjawińska for Europe.

Members of the Youth Committee were engaged in breakout sessions to form circle teams to help advance the 2024 Work Plan. The circle teams were Fundraising, Communications, Meeting Preparations, IT and Tech, Youth Leadership Exchange Program (YLEP), and Coop Spring MOOC. Members who were not able to attend are invited to participate in one of these circles - just email the staff coordinator, Gretchen Hacquard, if you are interested!

The next Annual Plenary Meeting will take place in 2024.