Cooperative Spring Trainers

Cooperative Spring

The Global Youth Network of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) published Cooperative Spring: A CoopYouth Toolkit. It is a document about cooperativism and cooperative practice, generally, from the perspective of #coopyouth. This toolkit is not a step-by-step guide to start a cooperative, as many of those already exist. Rather, it is a living reference guide for youth cooperators at various stages of cooperative practice, exploring key issues that face youth while starting, maintaining, and developing their cooperatives.

In early 2022, 10 youth from across the globe completed the process to become certified Cooperative Spring Trainers. These youth are available to help develop youth cooperatives. Contact one of the trainers below - you can learn more about each by clicking their name on the right menu bar or scrolling down the page.


  • Badejo Adeyemi Emmanuel from Nigeria (English and Yoruba)
  • Dr. Koudima Bokoumbo from Togo (English and French)
  • Ahlem Limem from Tunisia (Arabic, French and English)
  • Mabruck Ismail Mpangule from Tanzania (English)
  • Christine Agatha Nyandega from Kenya (English)
  • Lionel Lipepo Skhosana from South Africa (English + 6 others)



  • Anurag Dang from India (English)
  • Jenni Illona Mayshiogie from Indonesia (English)


  • Silvia Puig Mengual from Spain (English and Spanish)
  • Marcelina Zjawińska from Poland (English)

Badejo Adeyemi Emmanuel

Badejo photo

Badejo Adeyemi Emmanuel is from Ogun State, Nigeria, and speaks English and Yoruba. He has been exposed to the Cooperative Movement all my life. He is a certificate holder in Dual Vocational Training (DVT) in Office Administration and Project Management conducted by German International Cooperation (GIZ-SEQUA) and a certificate holder in Cooperative Entrepreneur by International Cooperative Institute, Buea, Cameroon. He is also an Associate Member of Institute of Cooperative Professionals of Nigeria (ICOPRON).

He works for Ogun State Cooperative Federation Limited (OGSCOFED) since 2010 and is currently Head of the ICT Department. In 2021 he got the Exemplary Leadership Award of Excellence for Best Use of .coop Domain Name Online by Cooperative Rating and Award Society of Nigeria (CRASoN) in year 2021 and 2022. 

He is also the Chairperson of the Digital Committee of the Nigerian Youth Cooperative Network (NYCN-COOP) since 2011, driving the digital evolution of Youth Cooperatives in Nigeria. He is a member of the International Cooperative Alliance Youth Committee (ICA-YC), Vice President Nigeria Cooperative Youth Alliance and President, OGSCOFED Youth Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited.

You can contact him through the following:
Call/Whatsapp: +2348072860376, +2347038247304

Dr. Koudima Bokoumbo

Dr. Koudima Bokoumbo photo

Dr. Koudima Bokoumbo is a Togolese agro-economist with expertise in social economics and sustainability. He holds a PhD in Natural Resource Economics and a Master degree in Business Economics and Management. Fluent in French and English, Dr. Bokoumbo has worked on many projects as business support consultant and coop Expert. He is currently working for the agriculture ministry of Togo. As an action researcher and reviewer for international journals in the field of cooperatives and sustainability, Dr. Bokoumbo is also a trainer on cooperatives, entrepreneurship and project management in universities.

Contact Information:
- Email:
- LinkedIn:

Ahlem Limem

photo Ahlem Limem

Ahlem Limem is a Tunisian consultant in agriculture and rural development, graduated from High-school of agriculture at Carthage University in Tunisia. 
She is passionate about supporting sustainable and equitable development in the agriculture sector.
Drawing on her experience in enhancing the performance and sustainability of cooperatives, she is deeply committed to the cooperative movement and its potential to drive positive change in the agricultural sector.
In her prior positions, she played an active role in agricultural and rural development initiatives, with a particular emphasis on empowering women and youth, assisting agri-entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises, analyzing agricultural value chains, and conducting monitoring and evaluation activities.

Contact information:

Christine Agatha Nyandega

photo of Christine Agatha Nyandega

Christine Agatha Nyandega has Kenyan Nationality. She is a former cooperative officer at Rachuonyo North Sub county, Homabay County. She believes the Coop youth toolkit was designed to support any group to create, maintain or develop a cooperative in a way that effectively addresses the unique issues they face.
She holds a Diploma in Cooperative Management from The Cooperative University Of Kenya.
Her email adress is

Anurag Dang

Anurag Dang photo

Anurag serves as an Assistant Director at the National Cooperative Union of India. An active member of ICA Youth Committee, Anurag has crafted and delivered impactful training programs nationally and internationally. With expertise in cooperative accounting, auditing, finance, and taxation, he's a sought-after resource person for capacity building programs.

Contact details: 
Mobile: +91-81462-25005
LinkedIn: Anurag

Silvia Puig Mengual

Photo of Silvia

My name is Silvia Puig, from Valencia (Spain). I am a lawyer and profesional advisor for conflict resolution, especially between companies and their partners. I am specialized in cooperatives, I am currently hold the position of head of the legal area in Confederation of Cooperatives of the Valencian Community.

It is the highest representative entity about cooperatives in the Valencian community. We represent cooperatives of all kinds and professional areas. Also, we have a large presence in different institutions related to the social economy throughout Spain.  

As far as my job is concerned, it consists on intervening in normative processes defending the cooperatives interests, not only in cooperative regulations but also in all those that may affect their specific characteristics. In addition, we pave the legal stage in order to new projects would prosper amd be executed. For all this, I will be glad to meet and help these young projects. Whatever I can help with, here we are!

Contact details: 

Lionel Skhosana

Lionel's photo

Lionel Skhosana is the General Secretary & Associate Director for Administration at the Africa Cooperatives Institute of South Africa shortly known as ACI-SA, a primary cooperative which conducts research, training and consultancy in the cooperatives sector.
He resides in Johannesburg, South Africa, and he speaks 6 of South Africa’s official languages which are English, Isizulu, Sesotho, Setswana and Sepedi. full time as the General Secretary & Associate Director for Administration at the Africa Cooperatives Institute of South Africa, and he also Coordinates ACI-SA’s Short Learning Programmes and he completed the Coopspring Trainers Training Program from the International Cooperatives Alliance.

He can be contacted on +27 67 176 5845
Lionel Skhosana on Linkedin
Lenny Skhosana on Facebook

Marcelina Kornelia Zjawińska

Marcelina's photo

Marcelina Kornelia Zjawińska (Warsaw, PL) - community organizer, participation practitioner, educator, researcher, activist. Vice President of the ICA Youth Executive Committee for the Youth European Cooperative Network. President and foundress of the Splot Społeczny Foundation dedicated to circular&sharing economy&culture, along with social economy initiatives and the cooperative movement. Together with the PL-UKR collective she develops a coop-like social enterprise focused on community based (urban) resource management. A long-time local NGOs co-worker involved in programs on civil society and sustainable city, mostly working directly with disfavored groups in the ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) self-help model. A graduate of sociology at the University of Warsaw. Huge cat lover.