Plan de Acción

Youth Executive Committee in Kuala Lumpur

We truly believe that the world can change. Cooperatives have become a tool widely used by youth, a mainstream way to create business among communities, and a real social movement.
In this time of economic instability, it is time to fight back. Capitalistic enterprises promote positive “social impact”. There can be no positive social impact without putting citizen participation and common good at the center of the economy. We need to prove the efficiency of the cooperative model.
The Youth Network has an important role to play, but to do this, we need to:

  • Organise ourselves to help mainstream the co-operative ideal amongst youth by showing how innovative and efficient cooperatives can be to tackle all challenges that society faces;
  • Train future and current leaders in youth movements and cooperatives by concretely experiencing cooperative projects;
  • Re-organise the Global Youth Network to make it a central actor in the cooperative movement.

Goals of the Action Plan

Solve the challenges that youth face through cooperatives: 1,600 Youth met at the World Conference on Youth in Colombo (Sri Lanka) in 2014 and adopted a 97-point declaration of challenges that youth face. How can cooperatives solve these 97 challenges?

Inventory youth initiatives: Inventory youth initiatives in the cooperative movement and create case studies that can be used by everyone. Create contemporary & universally applicable tools for youth to establish and promote cooperatives. 

Empower Youth: Reading case studies is never enough. We also need to gather young cooperators and committed young people together to train them to cooperate and enable them to replicate the most inspiring projects. 

Stages of the Action Plan
Stage 1: Collect contacts and data 
Stage 2: Map youth initiatives in the cooperative movement 
Stage 3: Mobilize youth and partners 
Stage 4: Organise the Global Youth Forum - Cooperative Entrepreneurship