Go Green Campaign 3.0: The World Goes Green with Africa, Americas and Asia-Pacific

The Go Green Campaign, started in 2018, is an initiative of International Cooperative Alliance Asia and Pacific Committee on Youth Cooperation (ICYC), to link youth and SDGs on a single platform and create an identity for cooperatives as a sustainable model for environment and society. This year, ICYC will organise Go Green Campaign 3.0 in the month of July to fit with the 2020 theme for International Day of Cooperatives (July 4, 2020), Cooperatives for Climate Change.

The “World Goes Green with Africa, America, Asia and Pacific”, will be held in partnership with the Africa Youth Network, Americas Youth Network (CRJ) and ICA Sectoral organisation Cooperative Housing International (CHI). The Campaign is divided into three Regional Youth Weeks:

  • the first from July 1 to 7 will be celebrated in the Asia-Pacific;
  • the second from July 8 to 14, in Africa; and
  • the third from July 15 to 21, in the Americas.

The campaign will display the role that youth and cooperatives can play through self-help and solidarity.

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